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Modern Home is a family owned business that started in 1981. 


We started out as general contractors and material suppliers.  As time went on, we found a niche for ourselves in the waterproofing field of application.  Since then we’ve undertaken hundreds of projects as our business continues on its steady and healthy growth curve.  We are also an NRCA approved waterproofing contractor, and to our knowledge the only ones on the island at the moment.  NRCA stands for National Roofing Contractors of America.  By being members of this organization we also adhere to strict quality control procedures.  At Modern Home we don’t sell waterproofing, we sell peace of mind.  Most of our systems are backed by a 10 years warranty. 

Among the several reasons for our success, such as quality workmanship and picking quality materials, we also like to think that another reason for our success is that we make customer service a high priority.  Customer service can be broken down into two sections, Pre sales service and after sales service. 


By Pre Sales service we mean all the work that we put in before the contract is signed.  Many of our competitors are stingy with their product data sheets and samples.  We feel that it is every potential client’s right to see what is actually being installed on their property or project regardless of the size.  Other times some of our competitors don’t even bother to visit the site before quoting to see the site conditions. Usually smaller scale consumers are not treated with the kind of importance given to large projects.  This is not right, it is not polite, and it is not fair.  People should be treated equally no matter what their financial positions.     

It is after the contract is signed that the “hidden costs” begin to pop up.  It sounds similar to “Actually sir, you did not inform us about those pipes on the roof and therefore the price we need an additional BD200 in order for us to issue you a guarantee”.  This tactic is usually used because it puts the client in a position where he has already signed a contract and has already paid money thinking he is going to get a guarantee.  Now in order to get it he has to pay a little more or release that contractor from his liability.    


This actually is called Fraud.  And we at Modern Home are happy to assure you that you will not receive any such treatment because we have built our name in the market over the years for being hard working and honest contractors. 

We encourage you to look around the site and most importantly ASK QUESTIONS!  We want you to be an informed consumer even though you may choose not to use us as your roofing contractor.  If you would like some more detailed information, be sure to register and we will send you your user name and password.  Then you will find technical data sheets, shop drawings and installation details.  When you’re ready to decide on your waterproofing system, we will be more than happy to undertake these works for you and put your mind at ease. 


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