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Basement Tanking

Basement Tanking


Over the years, we have developed a strong reputation and we have positioned ourselves as the basement waterproofing specialists on the island.  Substructure waterproofing is extremely important because keeping underground water from attacking your steel and concrete will definitely prolong the life of your building.  In conjunction with some systems, we have even been able to give a 10 year warranty as we do on the roof.  Usually, a typical substructure waterproofing system will consist of the following: 


Horizontal Surfaces


-         Membrane:  2 layers of 4mm SBS modified (greater flexibility) bitumen membrane, loosely laid (in order to accommodate any soil settlement later)

-         Polythene sheet:  A layer of 1000 gauge polythene sheet will be laid over the waterproofing membrane 

-         Protective Screed:  50mm of protective screed will be laid over the polythene sheet in order to provide adequate protection to the membrane from the ensuing steel fixing and other works

-         Water Bar:  An externally placed PVC surface water stop will be used in all construction joints.  Similar water stoppers will be used in expansion joints, however with a slightly different design.  


Vertical Surfaces


-         Membrane: 2 layers of fully torch bonded SBS modified bitumen membrane will be fixed to all vertical and retaining wall surfaces

-         Protection Board:  One layer of 6mm Semi flexibile bituminous protection board will be slightly torched and adhered to the membrane in order to protect the waterproofing from any damage during the backfilling process. 


Pile Caps


Pile heads are often a sensitive area and require adequate waterproof treatment.  For these we usually propose: 

-         Cementitious Coating:  2 coats

-         Epoxy Bonding Agent

-         Epoxy Grout: 40mm thick to cap off the pile. 



More Information


If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you have a copy of the soil test report, in addition to an idea about the hydrostatic pressure, we will be happy to put together a system for you that will meet your needs. 

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